Ken’s Korner Mini Storage

Storage Tips

The process of packing can be overwhelming. Use these helpful tips to keep the process stress-free. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ken’s Korner!

1. Gather Supplies. To help the packing process go as smoothly as possible, It’s a good idea to get all the packing supplies you need before you start packing. Supplies such as packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers etc. are what you should have before you start.

2. The Right Box for the Right Job. Its a great idea to use specialized boxes when packing. Use dish boxes for dishes, putting books in small boxes, using mirror/art boxes for your art and mirrors, and wardrobe boxes for clothing. This will keep everything in the best possible condition while moving.

3. Protect Fragile Items. Make sure you protect your fragile items that are easily breakable. Fragile items should include mirrors, dishes, glassware, ceramics, etc. The best way to protect these items is to wrap them individually with bubble wrap and pack them in a box filled with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, or any other packing material. Make sure there is no room in the box for the items to shift during the moving process.

4. Avoid Top Heavy Boxes. Pack boxes fully and make sure you put heavier items on the bottom with lighter items on the top. This will make sure nothing gets squashed or damaged.

5. Keep Weight in Mind. It’s a smart idea to limit the weight of each box to a max or 50 pounds. This way you won’t hurt yourself lifting extremely heavy boxes.

6. Know What’s in the Box. A great way to keep track of your stuff is to make a list. Number each box then make a corresponding list and write what’s in each box. This will save you stress when you go to retrieve anything from storage.

7. Seal it Up. You can never use too much packing tape. Use enough tape to make an airtight seal. Better to be safe than sorry!

8. Use Space Efficiently. When you move your stuff into storage, make sure to have a strategy. keep your most-needed items towards the from of your storage units. Leave an aisle for easy access. You can also utilize any drawers for extra storage.

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